Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Australia, the land down under.

Well then, I´m home after 3 weeks of sunshine in Australia. And there is not many words that can describe that trip except from amazing and unforgettable. On the first of many airports I went to I bought my soul-mate and that is my new Canon EOS 60D and I basically did not but it down the whole trip. After two days of traveling we arrived in Cairns (a small town beside the great barrier reef) and then the fun started. We went out to the reef and snorkeled and scuba dived and it was so amazing, I will never be able to forget it. It is mind-bottling beautiful and It looks just like the overly colorful pictures you see when you google it and even better! I am not going to babble more and instead let the pictures do the talking.

The lounge we stayed at in Thailand was simply fabulous



Best thai food I have ever tasted!

And the railway on the way back... creepy!

The Cairns esplenade


Most amazing underwater camera :)

Gorgeous corals

The most weird and slimy animal ever!

My new friend

So cute!

Fitzroy Island

So beautiful 

Amazing sand art made by some sneaky animals.


Bay watch

My dream car!!

Just cuddling a super-soft koala...

Such a funny bird!

Cute as ever! 

Yes.... The car had eyelashes

My Soulmate Canon EOS 60D


The forbidden apple

Yes ... it is as good as it looks

Cairns at night

Green Island 


A great end to a great trip!